English Storytelling, class 4

Class 4 has made their own fairytale. Here it comes:

Once upon a time there was a frog named Froggy. He went for a walk and met Perry the parrot. Then – a flying dragon came. The dragon was a good dragon, named Gwini. Froggy and Perry flew on Gwinis back to Tami the tiger. Tami lived in a castle. In the castle, Jimmie the giraffe also lived. Tami ande Jimmie were good friends.
Wo – oh; trouble is coming! The monkey, Api Papi, has thrown banana peels all over the landing road. Gwini slided and crashed straight into the castle. Boom, pow, poff!
Fortunately, Jimmie didn´t hurt himself in the crash, and was able to call 911. After a couple of minutes dr. Brownie came along, with Hampus the panda, who drove the ambulance. Wicky, the wicked witch, saw everything from her broom up above. She just laughed ”eheheeeeehhe” really wickedly.
In the castle, dr Brownie and Hampus the ambulance driver, have used the power from their noses, which they are gifted with, and it has healed all the animals. The wicked witch flew away, really angry and mad, because everyone turned out to be just fine and happy again.
Now everyone shouts for the elephant, because he is the DJ. He plays ”The fox” and Tami gives everyone cookies and they are all dancing now.
And, after this, they lived happily ever after!




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